11 December, 2016

Introduction to Asma ul Husna

Asma ul Husna
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Assalamalaikkum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu my dear sisters,

 It's a pleasure to meet all you lovely ladies out there. And it is definitely sweeter because it is for the sake of Allah... !

First of all I would like to give you all an introduction about this group, as to why we started it,whats our goal and also to give you an idea as to how we plan to go about it.
  • There's a very famous Hadith in which rasoolullah SAW says, Allah has 99 names whoever memorizes them and applies them in their lives will enter jannah! *Please note that I was paraphrasing the hadith mentioning only the gist of it...
  • This group has been started with the intention of learning Allah's Beautiful names. And by learning we don't mean just memorizing the names, rather, we mean to understand each in detail hoping it will definitely bring about immense positive changes in our lives. 
  • And learning Allah's name is actually KNOWING Him... When I myself started to embark on this beautiful journey, it made me wonder what on earth was I doing for all these years, not knowing my Creator, who and how He is... 
  • Without knowing Him, you wouldn't be able to worship Him in the way its expected of you. If you compare an example of this dunya, if you wanna do a business with someone, you wouldn't do it with someone who you don't have any idea about... you would definitely do some homework about him, who and how he is, how reliable he is, how trustworthy he is so on and so forth... 
  • Our lives in a way is a deal with Allah... Allah promises us an eternal bliss in exchange for this fleeting dunya. Its an offer too good to let go... so as we take up this offer, Should we not know who we are dealing with? Who and How he is? 
  • And the beauty of the beautiful names of Allah is that, the more you know Him, the deeper you fall in love with Him. Its inevitable.... it is impossible for anyone on the face of this earth to NOT fall in love with Him after you have known who He is... And WHEN you fall in love with Him, all what is expected of you from your creator, i.e. your ibadah, comes right from the depths of your heart and not just the surface... and ibadah becomes sweet as opposed to being a burden.
  • We all know what love can do to us... we've all been there at some point or the other... we can do anything for love, sacrifice anything for the sake of it, and all this without an iota of burden but in absolute bliss... thats what love can do to us... 
  • Believe me sisters, when this same emotion is directed towards Allah, it is capable of MUCH more... and thats exactly what Asmaul Husna can do to you inshAllah tha'ala. 
  • So now we know how Asmaul Husna can be a reason for us to enter jannah inshaAllah..
  • Another beautiful aspect of Asmaul Husna is that, whatever situations or circumstances you may go though in your life, you will find a name of Allah thats connected to it... 
    • Feeling unappreciated?  You have As-shakur - The most Appreciative. 
    • In need for a little compassion,sympathy,mercy? you have Ar-Rahman - The Most Compassionate. 
    • Worried about your work/debt/provision? You have Ar-razzaq The provider. 
    • You got a beautiful surprise that was least expected? That was Al-Whhab The Bestower Of Gifts... 
  • So on and so forth. With Asmaul Husna in your lives, you'll always know that you have little scope for worry,anxiety and depression and endless scope for positivity, peace and happiness... 
  • Also remember my dear sisters... Allah chose the adjective "Beautiful" for His names... He could have chosen to put it as ,'The Great names of Allah' or 'The Mightiest names of Allah', but He chose "Beautiful' over everything else... isn't that in of itself beautiful? Wallahi Allah is Beautiful! And His names are beautiful from all angles and in every aspect... SubhanAllahil Adheem. 

And inshAllah you'll come to discover that as we embark on this journey together to know our Creator... our Beautiful Creator....

  • I pray that Allah makes our intentions pure... for we are rewarded accoding to our intentions, make it beneficial for all of us and accept it from you and me and make this as a means to reach our final desitation...jannah athul firdaws... ameen
  • Before we start, there are a few things you need to know about Asmaul Husna, so that you may not be confused regarding certain things. 
    • Now, the hadith says that Allah has 99 names. BUT we must keep in mind that, Allah's names are NOT restricted to 99. There are more than 99 names. Some revealed to us in the quran, some in the ahadith and even some, that Allah has not revealed to us, which He's kept to Himself. We get to know this from a yet another hadith in which rasoolullah SAW calls upon allah by the names He's revealed to us and those He has kept to Himself*. The total no: of the names of Allah from the quran and the ahadith no: up to somewhere around 120... and out of these names 99 are extra special. 
    • You must also be informed that there are lists of the names of Allah that are different from one another regarding a few of the names. This is due to the lack of a single straightforward verse or hadith that mentions all the 99 names. Hence different scholars have concluded differently regarding a few names. However,the good news is, most of it are unanimously agreed on... We are going to follow the list of Sheikh Uthaymeen which seems to be the most supported by the other scholars.   

I pray to Allah to shower His barakah in our endeavor and make it successful,help us complete it and help us maintain the vigor and enthusiasm for learning it till the end..

Here is a list of all the Asma ul Husna, you can click on the links below to read more about them:

            1. Allah
            2. Ar- Rahman
            3.  Ar- Raheem
            4. Al Waqeel
            5. Al Mujeeb
            6. Al Jabbar
            7.  Al Fattah
            8. Al Haqq
            9. Al Mu'min
            10. Al Ghaffar
            11. Al Ghafoor
            12. At Tawwab
            13. Al 'Affuww
            14. Al Khaliq
            15. Al-Khalaq
            16. Al Baari
            17. Al Musawwir
            18. Al Malik
            19. Al Maleek
            20. Al Jameel
            21. Ar- Rauf
            22.  Ar- Rafeeq
            23. Al- Latheef
            24. Ar Razzaq
            25. Al Wahhab
            26. Al Mu'tee
            27.  Al Kareem
            28. Al Akram
            29. Al Jawaad
            30.  Al Mannaan
            31. Al Basit
            32. Al Qaabid
            33. Al Baseer
            34. As Samee
            35. Al Aalim
            36. Al Aleem
            37. Al Khabeer
            38. Ar Raqeeb
            39. Ash Shaheed
            40. Al Azeez
            41. Al Qaadir
            42.  Al Qadeer
            43. Al Muqtadir
            44. Al Qawiyy
            45. Al Qahhar
            46. Al Qahir
            47. Al Haafidh
            48. Al Hafeedh
            49. Al Haseeb
            50.  As Samad
            51. Al Mawla
            52.  Al Waliyy
            53. An Naseer
            54. As Sayyid
            55. Al Muqeet
            56. Al Qayyoom
            57. Ar Rabb
            58. Al Ahad
            59.  Al Wahid
            60. Al Witr
            61. Al Warith
            62. Al Hayy
            63. Al Aakhir
            64. Al Awwal
            65. Al Muhit
            66. Al Wasi'
            67. Al Ghaniyy
            68. Al Muqaddim
            69. Al Muakhkhir
            70. Ash Shakoor
            71. Ash Shaakir
            72. Al Mutakabbir
            73. Al Adheem
            74. Al Kabeer
            75. Al Aliyy
            76. Al Muta'aali
            77. Al A'laa
            78. Al Majeed
            79. Al Hameed
            80. As Subooh
            81. As Salaam
            82. Al Quddus
            83. At Tayyib
            84. Al Muhsin
            85. Al Barr
            86. Al Hafee
            87. Al Qareeb
            88. Al Mubeen
            89. Az Zahir
            90. Al Baatin
            91. Al Hakeem
            92. Al Hakam
            93. Al Haleem
            94. Al Wadood
            95. Al Haiyyiy
            96. Ash- Shaafee
            97. Al Mateen
            98. Al Muhaimin
            99. Al Ilah

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