24 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna #84 Al Muhsin #85 Al Barr #86 Al Hafee

Al- Muhsin

The One Who Acts in a Good and Fine Manner

  • The Good Doer
  • The one who does ultimate good
  • Al-Muhsin is the one who loves and inspires doing good in His slaves and who possesses the perfect good and excellence in all He makes happen!
  • Al-Muhsin refers to the One who is perfectly good in His Essence and who does all His actions in the best possible manner, achieving excellence and reaching ultimate beauty and perfection.
The Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: Surely Allah is Muhsin and He loves ihsaan in everything; if you kill, kill in a good way and if you slaughtered, slaughter in a good way . . . [part of the hadith- At-Tabaraani and Al-Albaani, Saheeh Al-Jami]

Al- Barr

The Most Benign and Kind , The Originator of Good 

  • He is the one is the most kind and courteous
  • The one who is gentle with His servants. 
  • Al-Barr is the source of all kindness and goodness, doing good to creation through all His blessings and favours
  • Al-Barr is the source of all righteousness, the One from whom every good deed comes. 
  • Al-Barr is  the One who does not stop His ihsaan because of the sins and disobedience of His slaves [Imam al-Qurtubi] 
  • He is the One who is kind to the wrongdoers, pardons transgression, forgives the sinner, turns to the one who repents to Him, accepts the plea of those who ask Him. 
  • He has turned to His slaves with praiseworthy actions and good expectations, while He is the most deserving of them [Ar-Raazi]

Al- Hafee

The Benevolent

  • The One Who is ever kind to His servants and ever responding to supplication. 
Ibraaheem said: "Peace be on you! I will ask Forgiveness of my Lord for you. Verily! He is unto me, Ever Most Benevolent (Hafee)." (Maryam, ayah 47)

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