12 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna #1 Allah


The One and The Only God

  • This name is considred as 'the greatest' name of Allah and THE most unique name of Allah.
  • Some scholars like Ibn-Al-Qayyim say that the word 'Allah' comes from Al-ilaah. Al in Arabic means 'the' and ilaah means God so it means THE God. 
  • It is the ONLY word for God in all the languages of the world which doesn't have any other forms to it, like, gender,superlative, plural etc.
  • This name uniquely belongs to Allah and no one or anything can EVER share the attribute of it literally or figuratively. 
  • This is the one name that encompasses all His other attributes and His absolute authority and supremacy over everything.
  • This is WHO He is, Allah! The rest of His names more like define,describe and explain this name of His from different angles for our better and  deeper understanding and comprehension of Him. 
✏Interesting fact:
If you open a Arabic version of the Bible, you'll find the word 'Allah' being used for 'God' in English.

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