12 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna- #58 Al Ahad, #59 Al Wahid, #60 Al Witr

Al- Ahad

The One and Only, The Unity, The Sole One

  • The One who has ever been and ever remains alone. 
  • The incomparable, unequalled, indivisible One.
  • The One who is the essence of Unity. 
  • The Sole One. 
  • The One and Only One.
  • The One who has no second [that shares] in the lordship, nor in the essence, nor in the attributes. 
  • The One who was not begotten and has never begotten.
  • The One who depends upon no other, and to Whom there is no likeness. 
  • The One in whom all names, attributes and relationships are united.
  • From the root a-h-d which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
    • to be one
    • to be the only one, one alone, sole
    • to unite, unify
  • The ancient roots of Ahad point toward to the essential qualities which describe Unity, 🔸while the ancient roots of Wâhid point toward the manifestations which arise from that Unity.
  • That which is Ahad cannot be divided into parts, or any parts distinguished.
  • That which is Wâhid has the appearance of being divisible into separate parts, or being comprised of separate parts.
  • Ahad is used to refer to the One, the sole One, the One who was not begotten and who has ever been alone, the One who has no second, the Indivisible.
  • Wâhid indicates the solitary Starting Point, the One Source, the First of the Many, from which all of creation has arisen as manifestations of Unity.

Al- Wahid

The Unique

  • The One unique starting point from which all else has arisen.
  • The One source from which all of creation springs forth.
  • The One whose unity includes all that appears as diverse, separate or individual.
  • Allaah is Exclusive in His Oneness, in being One in His spirit and characteristics. And al-Waahid means He is unique in His essence and does not have any peer or enemy. So al-Waahid is one in and of Himself.
  • Allaah is One and is Perfect in all ways; He has no partner or associate. His slaves must affirm His Oneness in their hearts and in their words and deeds, by acknowledging His absolute perfection and directing all acts of worship solely to Him.
  • This name of Allah, meaning the One, the only, is the peak of what we Muslims believe in. Allah is the only one that we worship, no one else. We attribute nothing else to him, no sons no daughters, nothing. He, alone, is the only director, the originator, the maintainer, the giver, the one we will answer to, the one we make dua’ to. No intercessors between us and Allah, just Allah, the one and only God!

Al- Witr

The One 

Abu Hurayrah (radi Allahu anhu) reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
" ان لله تسعة و تسعين اسما, ماءت الا واحد, من احصاها دخل الجنة و هو وتر يحب الوتر" 
Verily, Allah has ninety-nine Names, a hundred less one; whoever memorizes them and applies them, will enter Paradise. Allah is Witr (One) and loves Al-Witr (the odd numbered things).

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