22 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna #61 Al Warith #62 Al Hayy

Al- Warith

The Inheritor, The Supreme Heir, The One Whose Existance Remains

  • The One who remains after all of creation has perished. 
  • The One to whom all returns.
  • The One who has everlasting ownership of all that has ever been and that will ever be.
  • The One to whom all possessions return when the possessor is gone. 
  • The One who inherits all that we have done.
  • From the root w-r-th which has the following classical Arabic connotations:
    • to inherit
    • to be an heir, survivor
    • to be the owner or sustainer after someone
  • After all greed, lust, misunderstanding and selfishness have been laid to rest, the One who remains is Al-Warith.
  • When one surrenders, and lets go of all worldly things, the One who remains is al-W├órith.
  • All that we possess, even our bodies, are only on loan for a moment.

Al- Hayy

The Ever Living

  • Al-Hayy - The Ever-Living is He who has a continuous life with no beginning or end. Allah is ascribed with a life that is self-sustaining. It has no external source, unlike the lives of creatures that have been granted to them by the Creator. As He was, together with His attributes, before all else, so shall He remain throughout endless time. 
  •  The perfection of Allah’s Life and qayyoumiyyah such that they are free from the slightest imperfection. The evidence is in His saying: Neither slumber, nor sleep overtakes Him. Perfection may be generalized considering what is predominant or more numerous although it may be deficient in certain aspects. However, negation of imperfection means that the perfection is absolute and in every respect is free from deficiency. In this sense the negation occurred in His Saying: Neither slumber, nor sleep overtakes Him.

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