24 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna #78 Al Majeed #79 Al Hameed #80 As Subooh

Al- Majeed

The One Perfect in Glory and Honor,  The Illustrous
  • The Attribute “al-Majeed” means absolute perfection and dazzling glory; He is Beautiful in His qualities and actions, Who treats His servants most graciously, most generously, manifesting His Greatness to them through the light of His compassion for them.
  • The Attribute “al-Majeed” underscores the meaning of the Attribute “al-Wajid”, thus stressing their common meaning of independence.
  • This Attribute implants in the hearts of the truthful the genuine need to treat others with mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance. One should state sympatheticly to them, beam at them, and remove the disagreement from among them. He should fill in his wealth for the benefit of the poor, and he should be humble and kind to the weak among them. He should treat all people as though they were his own family members and brethren.
  • Allah’s supremacy, magnificence, admiration is inexpressible in words. No matter how hard you tried, we would never be able to acknowledge Allah for every single thing we’ve been given. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t form the words to describe the limitless power that Allah has. Allahu Akbar

Al- Hameed

The One Who is Deservedly Praised, The Praiseworthy 
  • Allah ta’ala is Al-Hameed, The Most Praiseworthy. How is Al-Hameed different from mahmood (one who is praised)? Mahmood is one who is praised only when they are praised by someone. Hameed is One who is ALWAYS deserving of praise, NO MATTER if He is praised or not. So Allah ta’ala is THE Most Praiseworthy, if we do hamd of Him or not.
  • The phrase closely connected to this name of Allah which we use on a daily basis, in fact several times a day is “alhamdulillah”. ‘Alhamdulillah’ is an amazingly deep word
  • When we say ‘alhamdulillah’, it implies exclusivity and entirety, meaning that praise is entirely and only for Allah. How do we know this? 
The ‘al’ before ‘hamd’ means that the entire praise, all kinds of praise and at all times, is due to Allah.
The “li” (in lillah, meaning, for Allah) implies limitation in Arabic language and it means that Allah is the ONLY One who deserves the hamd.
Now with this concrete definition in mind, what does ‘Alhamdulillah’ really mean? A more suitable definition would be: The perfect, most beautiful praise is only for Allah. We say ‘alhamdulillah’ out of love, honor, with humility, complete submission and sincere gratitude to Allah azza wa jal.

As- Subooh

The Venerated and Perfect
  • As-Subooh is the One Who is above all that is not befitting to Him and He is above all the shortcomings and (imperfect) qualities which are inherent in His creation.
  • The Venerated and Perfect. 
  • The One Venerated and declared free of every deficiency. 
  • The One Who the angels venerate.

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