12 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna- -#14 Al Khaliq, #15, Al-Khalaq, #16 Al Baari, #17 Al Musawwir

Al- Khaliq

The Creator, The Creator Who Creates From Nothing

Al- Khalaq

The Creator Who creates Again and Again
  • Come from the same root 'Khalq' which means:
    • The creation of something original from scratch 
    • Estimation, calculation and measurement 
  • Knowing Allah is Al-Khaliq and Al-Khallaq should give us a sense of empowerment to know and accept that the belief in a Creator is the most logical belief 

Al- Baari

The Inventor, The Originator

The One who gave the creations distinct characteristics which would distinguish them from each other.

Al- Musawwir

The Fashioner, The One Who Gives His Creations Forms and Shapes

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