12 December, 2016

Asma ul Husna- #2 Ar-Rahmaan & #3 Ar Raheem.

Ar- Rahman

The Entirely Merciful. 

One who has the kind of mercy that's unconditional. This kind of mercy of His is up on everything that He's created, whether it's a believer or a disbeliever. This attribute of His is the ONE that is the reason for the very existence of everything. Had He not attributed this quality to Himself, Everyone who causes His slightest displeasure would perish.

Ar- Raheeem

The Especially Merciful. 

This special mercy of His is reserved for the believers. His mercy being divided in to 100 portions, His attribute Ar-Rahman, which encompasses all the mercy He has showered in this world on all the creatures He's created - animals and birds, believers and disbelievers, the righteous and the sinful, the mercy a mother has for her baby, the mercy an animal shows to its offspring, all of it together makes only one portion of His mercy out of 100. The rest 99 is what Ar-Raheem holds, which is reserved ONLY for His believing and righteous servants for their afterlife.

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