28 November, 2017

Some of my sisters around the world share their stories with me. I find some of them enthralling while others appalling. Some of them just need a pair of trustworthy ears to be listened to. Others need to communicate to a human like themselves, to see if their feelings are true or exaggerated, because sometimes they cant believe the pain or the experiences they go through. They need advices, they need a reassurance, they just need to hear what they are yearning to hear from a person who is other than themselves, they need motivation and encouragement to keep up the courage, they need to know they are not alone in this... 

And to me, these stories do all the above to my own self every time I come across a new one...
and I feel that the world should know them for more than one reason.

'From My Sisters' Diary' is a collection of excerpts from such stories written in a random fashion, with no specific beginning or ending. The names are either not given or changed for obvious reasons. 


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