28 January, 2017

Questioning God and His decrees

Questioning God and His Decrees

There are quite a few ppl who question God! Why does God permit evil to take place in the world when He is able to prevent it? Why does God make people suffer in this world? If there is a God and if He's a Merciful one, then why do calamities happen? If there is a God, could it be that He is a sadistic God after all?

And yes we're also talking about 'muslims' who belong to this category.

The problem with people who ask these questions is that they don't hear themselves very well, let alone God! The very reason they are able to even think or question thus about God, itself is because He has permitted ease and comfort in this world more that He's permitted evil and sufferings. Because had the life of this world been full of only sufferings, then we simply wouldn't even know what "comfort" means and feels like in the 1st place to even question its absence.
Moreover, its only with the existence of darkness that we are able to appreciate light. If the existence of a few calamities and sufferings here and there in this whole wide world has made us QUESTION GOD, its only understandable that a world with ONLY comforts and an ABSOLUTE absence of sufferings would have definitely made ALL of us FORGET God and His existence, the very source of the comforts we are talking about...

Allah says, rather 'promises' in the Quran: "Verily, with every hardship is ease, With every hardship is ease..."

Why does Allah say this? When we are afflicted with a hardship, there was a time JUST before the hardship when we had an ease, and that is the absence of this hardship, yet, we were unable to recognize it as an "ease". Once a hardship hits us and then leaves us, and things go back to normal again, THEN we are able to recognize and "feel" the ease. An ease that existed before a hardship goes unnoticed and is taken for granted... yet the same ease thats experienced AFTER the hardship is recognized as an "ease".. a "relief" and is much valued... Which means, an ease that was not experienced and enjoyed as an ease, is as good as "no ease".

The literal meaning of 'yusra' (translated as 'ease' in the above mentioned verse) actually means "double ease". As far as my understanding goes, there are at least two reasons why Allah uses this particular word here, when there are other words in Arabic for 'ease'.
One: The "double ease" thats mentioned "WITH" a hardship means that, you are going back to the same ease that you experienced before this hardship, but this time, since you can literally FEEL it and EXPERIENCE it unlike before, the same ease, is doubled, one, factually and two,practically.
Two: The "double ease" could also mean that, since God is Most Merciful, once you are afflicted with a hardship, you can now expect an ease that comes with some 'bonus' ease as well that you never knew before or would never have known had this hardship not touched you...

Yes! There IS a God and He IS The Most Merciful One!

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